The global appetite for information and communication continues to escalate and so do expectations

Whether you’re a public, private or not-for-profit organisation – strategic, clever, timely and influential communication is critical to your success.

OPF knows the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place…

OPF understands the communication challenges organisations face – new technologies, more platforms, a crowded environment, a frantically busy, increasingly discerning and cynical public. Your communication must be multi-channeled, personalised and targeted.

Our team has extensive communication experience, spanning a wide range of industries, geographies and clients. We’ve managed award-winning national campaigns and successfully guided global and local clients through brand creation, launch and growth; major challenges – including the timely management of issues to avoid crises as well as the successful resolution of crisis if it should occur.

OPF lives the brand’s promise – to be original, proactive and flexible. We focus on work that will make a positive difference to families, business and the community.

OPF is a Canberra based consultancy providing comprehensive communication services since 2011.

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