OPF Consulting is committed to making a difference through corporate social responsibility practices and we actively encourage our clients to do the same.

This commitment is reflected in our willingness to address complex social, health and welfare issues and through our direct support to several community organisations in the ACT.

OPF is proud to provide pro bono strategic communication planning and public relations efforts to support the vital work of:

With a goal to improve social inclusion, Hands Across Canberra is helping our charities to ensure no one is isolated in our community.

Crime Stoppers is a voluntary community organisation that helps stop, solve and prevent crime in the ACT Region.

The GAD aims to stimulate public interest in the role and value of design, champion creativity and new talent, build knowledge and appreciation about contemporary Australian design and about its makers.

The Physical Activity Foundation is a registered Health Promotion Charity based in the ACT and our goal is to reduce the incidence of sedentary lifestyle diseases in children.