To develop an eCommerce solution that engages and creates a loyal customer base for a multi-purpose disposable cleaning wipe. The next step was to devise, deploy and strategically market a digital strategy to promote and grow the brand.


• We built a mobile responsive, subscription based eCommerce website
• We integrated the site with payment gateways, complex shipping algorythms, stock control and inventory systems
• We implemented a program to analyse buyer behaviours, enabling heat mapping of customer journeys to inform promotional strategies
• We devised a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to target potential users
• We developed a re-targeting search engine marketing (SEM) strategy to track and follow existing and potential purchasers
• We also developed a series of promotions to support these strategies including click-through promotions with integrated discount and loyalty coupons

OPF is retained to provide ongoing promotions, SEO, SEM and site maintenance.