As the world changes it’s important to ensure your website reflects the current mood of your market and doesn’t appear so irrelevant that visitors wonder if you are even still in business.

Whilst many companies are good at including messages of support, information about new products and services, new team members or even new business hours, mail addresses and contact numbers; websites also need to be audited to ensure they reflect the right tone.

Here are some questions you might include in your website tone audit:

  • Are the services promoted on your site the ones most needed by your market and are they even something you can deliver right now?
  • Are the staff listed still current?
  • Are you inviting people to experience something that is actually not practical right now?
  • Are your case studies profiling companies that have done well during COVID-19? Are they even still in business?
  • Do your credentials reflect the current needs of your customers?
  • Are the accolades you have listed relevant, or do they seem to have been earned a very long time ago?
  • Are you making too much of your success when other businesses are struggling?

A good option is to have your website reviewed by fresh eyes. An independent audit will pick up tone and relevance in the current market and help ensure that when potential customers do visit your website, they are fully engaged.