With most Australians currently working from home and travel almost at a standstill, organisations and governments are rapidly navigating the world of online stakeholder engagement.

Whilst the technology is not new (it has been used with remote and global stakeholders for years) it is a busy market and can be tricky to navigate without some understanding of the digital and online world.

It is comforting to know the same level of engagement offered through face to face forums, meetings, door knocking and community displays, is also available online. Engagement can continue online and be used to inform stakeholders when they need to be informed and capture feedback when it is useful – not in six months’ time when opinions have changed.

Webinar style forums, survey groups, online brainstorms, presentations, enhanced website-based engagement, quantitative research and qualitative research meetings can all be conducted online engaging dispersed stakeholders. And those stakeholders have never been more open and accepting of online communication than they are now.

A key benefit of increased online engagement has been the ability to reach new and wider audiences very cost effectively. Combined with traditional engagement methods, online community engagement grows the suite of tools available to reach stakeholders.

By analysing the stakeholders, defining the type of engagement required and agreeing follow up and reporting needs of the engagement, an online strategy can be put together to help inform, consult, involve, empower, motivate, and engage.

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