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Started over a coffee

Our biggest arts project and undoubtly the most successful of late, was the creation of the National Capital Art Prize in 2021 – which, amongst other things, is designed to profile and position Canberra as a cultural centre. Presented with an idea over coffee, OPF was able to develop, design and execute a national art prize in two months. This included ideating the brand itself, developing the design, creating a comprehensive communication strategy, producing all associated collateral from its website and social media platforms to all manner of print and other digital materials. OPF initiated a sponsorship program for the Prize and implemented the national marketing strategy.


Given the Prize is a not for profit entity and was operating in its first year, the advertising budget was very small – OPF had a 10-month total budget of less than $10,000 for social media spend. This meant we had to strategically allocate under $1,000 per month to drive entries, build our audience and develop a strong foundation for the prize. Our expert knowledge of social media, digital advertising and our understanding of online user behaviour directly contributed to the Prize’s success. OPF established Instagram and Facebook pages, created and posted content and graphics on both platforms to grow the awareness and national following organically. The Facebook page now has close to 4000 likes and the Instagram page has almost 2000 followers.


Our organic and paid strategy resulted in the Prize receiving over 1,000 entries in 2021, which exceeded the number of entries in the 2021 Archibald Prize.

We also principally used social media advertising to drive traffic for the 2021 People’s Choice Award, an online campaign that encouraged Australians to vote for their favourite art work. OPF’s strategy resulted in over 25,000 votes.

Key Results

website page views in 2021
website user interactions in 2021
voters in the 2021 People’s Choice Award
0 M
paid Facebook and Instagram impressions
video plays through Facebook and Instagram advertising
0 +
artwork entries in the first year of advertising
$ 0
per 1,000 people reached from Facebook and Instagram advertising
$ 0
per video play from Facebook and Instagram advertising
visits to the website from Facebook and Instagram advertising
0 M
people reached with Facebook and Instagram advertising
$ 0
per Click (all) for Facebook and Instagram advertising
0 %
commission given back to artists whose work sold

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National Capital Art Prize


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