Project Description

Communication Challenges:

  • Create a positive and engaging digital touch point for club managers and members
  • Create a platform to retain both active and inactive gym members
  • Build an engaged business community on a local and national level


Focusing on what motivates a person to stay active and work out regularly, OPF understood club members seek to feel good, be rewarded while also being supported. OPF also recognised human beings need personal fulfilment through the opportunity to achieve personal milestones. With all of this in mind, OPF developed a web-based platform called ATF Rewards and is now developing a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the platform. Launched in Australia in mid 2018, ATF Rewards now has over 60,000 regular users.

The platform removes typical barriers to engage, so members are not required to ‘sign up’, they automatically become part of the ATF Community as soon as their club signs up to the program. Their usage patterns and frequency of club visits are tracked via their gym membership. The member simply continues to work out, with the added benefit of achieving reward points every time they train in the club.  When they reach 50, 100, 200 visits they are rewarded. The number  of visits to a gym is endless – just like the number of rewards.

ATF Rewards to reward members including

  • Rebel Sport – Australia’s preferred retailer of biggest sports brands.
  • Grill’d – Australian healthy fast food chain
  • Boost Juice – Australian health food retail outlet

 With clubs right across Australia already using the program, businesses recognise the importance and simplicity of being promoted on the ATF Rewards platform to over 60,000 active members who love keeping fit, healthy and feeling good.

 To achieve further brand exposure and engagement from members – OPF developed and rolled-out in-club close circuit advertising screens. This was designed to achieve a three-pronged objective – to raise advertising revenue, inspire club creativity and provide an additional promotional tool for the platform.

The platform is maintained on a powerful Australia server to ensure data sovereignty is maintained. Like most loyalty programs, the ATF Rewards platform has a designated manager section – they are able to upload local and national offers, update rewards and milestone levels.

ATF Rewards

  • Running on powerful Australian servers maintaining data sovereignty in Australia
  • Individual logins for clubs.
  • Access to ATF Hub
    • Watch Training Videos
    • Read platform updates
    • Download social marketing artwork
    • Shop for rewards merchandise
  • Upload marketing banner for leaderboard
  • Track member’s progress
  • Claim and unclaim rewards
  • Create Regional Partners
    • Assign clubs to groups.
    • Hide or Show partners to selected clubs
  • Create National Partners
    • Club wide partners to be displayed to selected clubs.
  • Backup Process
    • Ability to revert to hourly backups for individual clubs.
  • Continuous improvement with several functions to launch in the coming months