Project Description

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD)

Working to achieve the vision; preventive health through the collaborative efforts of all Canberrans – OPF had to develop a comprehensive communication and engagement strategy for the community, focused on the determinants of health and specific population groups. The situation also required OPF to develop a systematic approach to achieve change, inspire collaboration for collective impact, and use economic levers to affect the socioeconomic determinants of health; and a healthy and active living tourism strategy for Canberra to include how the local community and businesses can be engaged in supporting, and benefit from, promotional activities.

OPF worked with CMTEDD to develop a new and innovative approach to preventive health in the ACT, backed by a whole-of-city collaboration. Supported by a $4 million ACT Government commitment, the Healthy and Active Living Strategy aimed to create an environment to nurture health and wellbeing for all Canberrans. The approach was led by evidence and insight to support positive behavioural changes.

  • OPF facilitated workshops with the CMTEDD team and representatives from across the ACT Government to identify the main areas of need for Canberrans, to help remove barriers and reduce social and economic influence on unhealthy risky behaviours. Additional workshops with reference groups, collectively addressed these socioeconomic determinants of health to enable the development of strategies that will help all Canberrans to achieve better health.
  • OPF successfully developed a marketing strategy aims to enhance the promotion of the Canberra region as one of Australia’s top destinations to live and visit. Within this strategy, wherever possible, OPF proposed activities to align with current marketing campaigns to generate and maximise positive exposure to key target audiences at low or no cost.

This strategy outlined ways to entice International travellers with an interest in Australia to visit Canberra and participate in healthy and active, nature-based activities, such as cycling. It was also designed to encourage Canberrans to enjoy the options for healthy and active living on their doorstep, and to encourage their friends and family to visit and participate too.  The packages and tactics aimed to promote ways to discover Canberra’s diverse and scenic environments, iconic attractions, unique culture and gastronomic experiences. It encouraged exploration of Canberra’s urban cycle ways, mountain and cross-country bike trails, abundant natural and cultural attractions, annual events and renowned restaurants.

OPF was able to implement a holistic strategy – to demonstrate what healthy and active living means to Canberrans and develop strong community engagement and branding to support behaviour change and promote Canberra. We were able to implement best practice approaches based off cities and countries already leading the way in wellness specific campaigning or successful positioning strategies as health and wellbeing destinations.