Project Description

City Renewal Authority

OPF was appointed by the City Renewal Authority, Canberra in 2019 to roll out the shared waste enclosures in Verity and Odgers lanes in the historic Sydney and Melbourne buildings.

As part of the Shared Waste Enclosures Initiative, OPF, Actsmart and City Renewal Authority worked with businesses in both buildings to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and turn recyclable waste into viable products.

The first step was to declutter the laneways of the numerous rubbish bins. The ACT Government provided the new shared waste enclosures and a waste company was given an exclusive licence to operate the enclosures.

OPF was required to develop a communication and engagement plan for the project, engage with the 150 business stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle (23-day transition period and 12 month trial).

A communication and engagement plan was required to ensure all businesses understood the imminent changes, their new responsibilities and had the opportunity to provide information about how and when they use the laneways for other services, such as deliveries.

OPF worked with City Renewal Authority and other project stakeholders to develop project messaging for all platforms and created the suite of materials used to support this project including:

  • Project newsletters
  • Information flyers (electronic and postal drop)
  • Media release

OPF conducted a number of engagement activities for this project, including

  • Arranging and hosting an information drop-in centre
  • Face-to-face meetings with individual stakeholders to discuss the project, over the two phases, and receive feedback
  • Maintaining all project records for the City Renewal Authority in Consultation Manager such as OPF engagement activities, meetings with Actsmart and the waste provider’s contractual agreement updates with business owners

Regular team meetings with the City Renewal Authority and other project contractors

Working on this project for the last six months has enables OPF to establish and build on relationships with business owners and staff working in the Sydney and Melbourne buildings. Transforming the laneways of these historic buildings, from shortcuts to destinations, will make them attractive locations for people to visit and enjoy.