Project Description

Geoscience Australia

Diana led her PPR team through several years of communication service delivery to the Australian Geological Survey Organisation. This included delivering a range of support services including research, a comprehensive international re-branding program, issue management and media training, general media and what was then called “new media” counsel and education.

Diana was asked to research the feasibility of a departmental rebranding.  Extensive internal research followed using workshops, email surveys and one-on-one interviews, as well as external stakeholder research via telephone and email surveys.  There was a strong case to support a gradual name change from the Australian Geological Scientific Organisation to Geoscience Australia.  Diana designed the strategy to launch this initiative and worked closely with the organisation over 12 months to introduce the new corporate identity. In developing the communication strategy, she worked closely with Geoscience employees to ensure maximum ownership and commitment to the new brand by staff and stakeholders was achieved.

Other communication support services provided to Geoscience included:

  • embedding and managing a consultant in the media and education unit
  • working on a variety of programs including EarthQuake Awareness Week
  • conducting a website evaluation and implementing a website re-development program, and
  • developing an issue management media and communications protocol for the department and training relevant personnel.