Project Description

As the communication agency for Hopewood Health Retreat, we’re responsible for all aspects of the brand’s presence and growth, including strategy development, marketing, public relations, promotions, advertising, website, social media, videography, photography, writing, design and print production services.

Our latest project for Hopewood was a brand refresh across all communication channels, including a new e-commerce enabled website, updated visual and marketing collateral to reflect the retreat’s services, and a new role for social media in customer service and sales generation.

Our strategic counsel and ongoing communication services has resulted in increased bookings and sales for the retreat, and heightened brand awareness within the competitive health and wellbeing industry.

OPF Consulting commenced work with Hopewood Health Retreat, Australia’s original natural health brand, in June 2013. A sanctuary for good health and wellbeing for over 50 years,
Hopewood specialised in natural healing, delicious vegetarian food, relaxation, stress management, weight loss and first-class massage and beauty pampering. OPF successfully moved the brand onto social media.

 Rebranding of Health Retreat

Hopewood faced a unique communication challenge in 2015 when it was forced to close its Health Retreat operations until a new facility could be created. They needed to continue to engage with and grow their following, while new developments were underway.

OPF created a natural health ‘new website’ for the brand, publishing fresh content every day and engaging an every increasing audience of followers. They also wrote and published a beautiful Hopewood Lifestyle book and have continued to increase their fans on social media.

Sound strategic counsel ensures that expectations are continually established and met, and organisational goals achieved. OPF Consulting continues to work with this client to achieve sound outcomes, positioning the organisation for longevity through objectivity and unique expertise.

“OPF does all of our marketing and communication work. We trust them to develop ideas that will work and enjoy their creative and often innovative approach to our very old brand. Their understanding of our product and the importance of fresh food is remarkable.” Sharon Beavon, General Manager.

OPF Consulting commenced work with Hopewood Health Retreat in June 2013, but Diana has been working with the brand for 21 years. It was one of Australia’s premier health retreats and led the wellbeing industry for over 50 years. The brand is owned and operated by the Australian Youth And Health Foundation. The retreat was located  in Wallacia, an hour’s drive west of Sydney. Hopewood exists to promote its proven natural health philosophy & wellbeing wisdom…based on eating a mostly raw ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, drinking plenty of fresh water, spending time in the fresh air, exercising regularly (but not to excess) and taking time out for quiet reflection (meditation, yoga, massage etc)